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The Witchery’s Guide of Things To Do In Edinburgh Old Town

While the gothic charm of Edinburgh is enough to captivate anyone, a handy list of things to do and things to see in Edinburgh’s old town will help you experience a stay like no other in the prestigious Scottish capital. From The Royal Mile to hidden gems; our list has everything you could wish for.

You don’t need to limit yourself to the indulgent experience that The Witchery offers, as tempting as it can be to get lost in the opulence of our lavish halls, your stay should do the Old Town justice.

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With that in mind, let’s explore things to do nearby to The Witchery in Edinburgh's Old Town;


An Overview of The Attractions;

1. A Theatrical Ghost Tour of Edinburgh Underground

2. Edinburgh Castle Tour

3. Visit the Fruitmarket Gallery

4. Visit St Giles Cathedral

5. Tour The Scottish Writers Museum

6. Take a Gander down Armchair Books

7. Visit the National Museum of Scotland


1. A Ghost Tour of Edinburgh Underground

For those who enjoy being captivated by the darker side of history, the Edinburgh Underground Ghost Tour is not something you should miss. 


See the world renowned Greyfrairs Kirkyard in the dead of night as you learn the history behind why Edinburgh is widely considered the most haunted city in the world. 


With theatrics like no other, this is as much a performance as it is an opportunity to see Edinburgh’s history first hand with a tour that takes you through the Edinburgh Vaults - the perfect option for those who love history!

edinburgh underground ghost tour

2. A Tour of Edinburgh Castle

Taking a tour of prestigious Edinburgh Castle - a stone’s throw from The Witchery - is a must. One of the biggest attractions in the Old Town and possibly in the nation, you’ll find yourself enchanted by its grandeur and gothic extravagance.


There’s many ways to enjoy the Castle and its grounds, ranging from having a wander on your own terms or taking a pre-defined tour to show you all the best locations. Learn all about its lengthy and impressive history as well as its importance to Scots of all creeds.


Fun Fact: the Castle is the most besieged place in the entirety of Europe, having survived 23 sieges at different points in history.

edinburgh castle tour

3. Visit The Fruitmarket Gallery

For those wanting to indulge in more modern history in the opulent backdrop of Edinburgh’s Old Town, then enjoying the display of contemporary art on show at The Fruitmarket’s Gallery is certainly something to put on your to do list.


The Gallery is known for exhibiting art from internationally significant, contemporary artists such as Louise Bourgeois, Martin Creed, Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, and many more.


Whatsmore, after enjoying the Gallery, you can explore the Fruitmarket further to experience a taste of the area’s history and stop by some of the best shops that Edinburgh’s Old Town has to offer.


4. Visit The St Giles Cathedral

The extraordinary gothic obelisk of St Giles Cathedral is an architectural wonder that you need to see with your own eyes. Situated in the heat of High Street, the Cathedral dates back to the 1100s and serves as a cornerstone of Scottish religious history.


The Cathedral is, to this day, still an active place of Worship but also offers tours, guides, and its attendants are happy to impart its rich history to visitors.


Fun Fact: the Cathedral still serves as a building of importance by providing services to The Most Ancient and Most Notable Order of the Thistle as well as providing the Kirking of the Parliament.

st giles cathedral edinburgh

5. Tour The Scottish Writers Museum

From Robbie Burns to Sir Walter Scott, this museum is a haven for those that enjoy the romance of literature. Featuring exhibits from famous Scottish writers from all periods of history, you can view personal artefacts and even original works - all for free.


Tucked away in the Old Town, this museum is as ornate itself as the precious treasures it exhibits. Do be sure to pack light when you pop through for a visit - it does have rather steep and narrow stairwells!

scottish writers museum in edinburgh

6. Grab A Page Turner At Armchair Books

Nothing goes with Edinburgh’s charm like a magical, vintage-style bookstore that feels like it's been taken straight from a rom-com.


Even for those who aren’t entirely fond of reading as a hobby, this bookstore’s enchanting atmosphere is worth the visit at the very least.


Situated in West Port, you can stop in for a brief visit at an iconic bookshop that is every bookworm’s dream and visit one of the most popular shops in Old Town.


7. Visit The National Museum of Scotland

The National Museum of Scotland is another must-see place in Edinburgh’s Old Town. With the museum itself being surrounded in history it's only fitting that it hosts some of the most antiquated and sought after relics from world history.


With everything from The Maiden (an early form of the guillotine) to Pictish Stones, Celtic Broaches, and St Ninian’s Isle Treasure - there’s an abundance of history to indulge in.


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