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Romantic Four Poster Beds in The Witchery Hotel, Edinburgh

Rediscover the enchantment of Edinburgh by immersing yourself in the timeless allure of The Witchery, where a stay in one of our meticulously designed four-poster bed suites promises to transport you to a world of gothic-inspired grandeur. Nestled in the heart of the city, The Witchery by the Castle stands as a testament to the epitome of romance and opulence in the realm of boutique hotels.

In this exquisite haven, every corner exudes an air of mystique and decadence. As you step into your sumptuous suite, you are greeted by the flickering glow of candlelight dancing on rich, dark wood furnishings and ornate tapestries. The lavish drapery and plush velvet upholstery creates an ambience of unparalleled romance.

The four-poster beds, the centrepiece of your sanctuary, beckons you with their regal presence. They stand as a testament to craftsmanship, their intricately carved details adding to the sense of calm that envelops the room.

The Witchery by the Castle is a haven where time seems to stand still, allowing you to savour every moment with your beloved. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply seeking an escape from the everyday, our boutique hotel provides an exquisite backdrop for your most cherished memories.

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Our Four Poster Bed Suites

At The Witchery, you'll discover a curated collection of nine distinct and exquisitely designed suites, with four of them boasting magnificent four-poster beds. These particular suites epitomise the essence of Gothic aesthetics and exude an ambience steeped in romance and opulence.

The Sempill

Named after the aristocratic Sempill family who bought this property in 1743 as their grand Edinburgh residence, the Sempill suite offers a sitting area, a large bedroom with a magnificent four poster bed, and a grand bathroom. 

Prepare to be captivated by the allure of the antique oak four-poster bed within the romantically dark and dramatically red bedroom, adorned with opulent masses of antique velvet, an abundance of intriguing antiques, and captivating objects of curiosity. Luxuriate in the indulgent ambience of leather-panelled walls that envelop you in a cosy embrace. The hallway itself is adorned with Paisley fabric, while the sitting room boasts the exquisite charm of antique leather panelling. This suite is nothing short of an immersive experience in the world of drama and elegance.


the sempill suite in the witchery edinburgh

The Armoury

In the shadow of Edinburgh Castle, the Armoury is a magnificent suite. Adorned with magnificent portraits and tapestries, the chamber boasts walls richly panelled in opulence, with the crowning jewel being the antique four-poster bed in the striking blood-red bedroom.

Step into the dramatic black and gilt salon, where theatrical amethyst and gold drapes add an air of opulence. The oak-panelled bathroom awaits with a lavish roll-top bath for two, and the pinnacle of luxury awaits in the blood-red bedroom, where an extravagant four-poster bed takes centre stage.


the armoury suite in the witchery edinburgh

The Inner Sanctum

The first suite envisioned by James Thomson showcases an antique Victorian bathtub within the elegantly lacquered red bathroom, a study adorned with tartan accents, and a sumptuously draped four-poster bed in the opulent red and gold bedroom.

Formerly the exclusive abode of James Thomson, the Inner Sanctum holds a special place among the Witchery suites, cherished by many. It's renowned for its antique four-poster bed, adorned with exquisite tapestries, creating a captivating centrepiece. The room is brimming with a wealth of curiosities, uniforms, and collectables, providing a feast for the eyes.

From the window seats, guests can indulge in picturesque views overlooking the medieval charm of the Royal Mile. The suite boasts a unique raised dining area, a cosy study adorned with tartan accents, and a lavishly appointed bathroom featuring an antique bath. 

the inner sanctum suite at the witchery in edinburgh

The Guardroom

Once the private townhouse of the esteemed Sempill family, a historic residence dating as far back as 1595, this enchanting abode offers rooftop views reminiscent of a Dickensian novel. As you step inside the Guardroom, you are welcomed by the dramatic allure of the black and gold entrance hall, which serves as a gateway to a serene and romantically inspired sanctuary. 

The striking entrance hall, adorned with Guardsmen's uniforms, guides you into a resplendent sitting room steeped in rich red and gilt decor. From there, you'll discover a lavish four-poster bedroom that beckons with opulence. The bathroom is a testament to fine craftsmanship, featuring distinguished oak panelling, a marble floor, and a spacious roll-top bath designed for two.

To access this extraordinary suite, ascend the original stone turnpike stair to the second floor—a journey that promises to be as rewarding as the destination, thanks to the breathtaking views that await at the top.


the guardroom suite at the witchery in edinburgh

Our Other Extraordinary Suites

With a collection of nine suites, each as beautiful and unforgettable as the last, your stay at The Witchery will be one you treasure forever. Aside from our suites with magnificent four-poster beds, each of our suites has its own unique bed from the bed made from an antique organ in the Old Rectory to the lavish luxury of the canopy beds you can find in the Heriot suite, the Turret, the Library and the charm of the bateau bed in our Vestry Suite, each suite offers unparalleled romance in Edinburgh. 

Immerse yourself in our magical and enchanting world as you become bewitched by the gothic charm of our hotel with four poster beds in Edinburgh.

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