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Guests who book to stay with us directly will receive a complimentary bottle of chilled Champagne on arrival. 

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Named the UK's Most Romantic Hotel by Big7Travel


Our suites offer an unparalleled sense of romance, setting the stage for a truly unforgettable stay. Indulge in the intimate ambience, where passion is woven into every corner, allowing you to create cherished memories with your loved one. Dine in opulence, explore the Old Town and rest in luxury with our extensive choice of suites.


Book your stay directly with us, and receive our best rate guaranteed and a complimentary bottle of Champagne waiting in your suite. 

Our suites are designed for two adults sharing a double bed, creating an intimate haven for couples seeking an unparalleled escape. 

The Vestry

A large bateau bed... silk-upholstered walls... the gothic sights inside rival the medieval views outside, with three windows overlooking The Royal Mile. Reach the Vestry by a stone turret stair up to the second floor. 

from £595

The Sempill

A regal sittingroom with a lavishly painted ceiling. Continuing down the draped hallway to a palatial four-poster bedroom, adorned with exquisite detailing and a sense of grandeur.

from £595

The Old Rectory

Our largest suite features a gothic bedroom and sitting room with Empire daybed. With 7 windows overlooking The Royal Mile and views stretching as far as the Kingdom of Fife. 

from £595

The Library

An opulent, rich and gothic Library-styled suite on the first floor, the Library has a dramatic book-filled bathroom with its hidden secret door and heavily draped bed.

from £595

The Inner Sanctum

The very first suite created by James Thomson features an antique Victorian bath in the lacquer red bathroom, a tartan-lined study and a lavishly draped four-poster bed in the rich red and gold bedroom.

from £595

The Heriot

This sumptuous suite looks out over the Old Town towards the tower-topped George Heriot's School, thought to have inspired the iconic Hogwarts. 

from £595

The Guardroom

The former private townhouse of the Sempill family dating back to 1595, with Dickensian rooftop views. The dramatic black and gold entrance hall leads to a tranquil and romantic haven.

from £595

The Armoury

With richly panelled walls adorned with magnificent portraits and tapestries, an antique four-poster bed the highlight of the blood-red bedroom chamber.

from £595

The Turret

Oak panelled bathroom, leather panelled sitting room and large tapestry-lined bedroom. Decadent, romantic and magical!

from £595