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Our commitment to a Greener Future


The Witchery's restoration of historic buildings dating from 1595 shows a passion for long-term conservation and giving historic buildings a useful and sustainable future.

We have a deep-rooted passion for the long-term conservation and sustainable future of historic buildings. Our restoration efforts on buildings dating back to 1595 and 1636 reflect our dedication to preserving their architectural heritage and breathing new life into them.

Our commitment to preservation and sustainability has been recognized and celebrated. In 1990, we were honoured with a Sunday Times / Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland Regeneration Award for our meticulous creation of the Secret Garden dining room. This unique space was transformed from an abandoned schoolyard behind The Witchery dining room, showcasing our sensitive approach to adaptive reuse.

Throughout our establishment, you will find a wealth of architectural salvage and adaptive reuse. We have incorporated traditional materials, restored antique furnishings, and utilized period textiles in our dining rooms and suites. This commitment to recycling and repurposing showcases our dedication to sustainable practices and the preservation of historic elements.

We take pride in our recycling initiatives. As one of the first restaurants in Edinburgh, we send all our food and organic waste for composting. Furthermore, we are delighted to announce that 100% of our waste and glass is now recycled. We are proud participants in the Green Tourism Business Scheme, demonstrating our commitment to environmentally friendly practices.

When it comes to our menus, sustainability is at the forefront. We prioritize incorporating local produce and work closely with trusted, local suppliers to source the finest and most sustainable ingredients. By championing local and seasonal fare, we ensure that our guests can enjoy a dining experience that celebrates Scotland's culinary treasures while minimizing our environmental impact.

At The Witchery, we believe that preserving history and embracing sustainability go hand in hand. Join us on this journey as we continue to create a meaningful and sustainable future for our cherished historic buildings whilst offering our guests extraordinary experiences.